Virtual Reality Integration in Web App Development


Okay, let me just start by saying how cool it is that I can actually write this article. I mean, virtual reality is actually here! Considering they’ve been saying that it’s just around the corner for something like three decades, that’s just awesome.

I wonder how far away it is before the whole web is virtual. Can you imagine the day when the new iPhone no longer cares about what we do with our hands but tracks our eyes instead?

But we’re not there yet. So, let’s focus on what’s possible now.

Google recently announced something called ‘VR Views’, which means that we can embed into web pages, as well as Android and iOS a 360 degree virtual reality. This can be in terms of static images as well as videos. You’ll be glad to hear, that that’s actually very simple to do.

Read full details about Virtual Reality Integration in Web App Development 


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