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7 #DigitalMarketing Trends of 2018 for #BusinessGrowth That You Need To Know


In this ever changing world, we need to adapt to a lot of changes on a daily basis. Especially as marketers, people can see customer tastes, preferences, needs and wants changing at a rapid pace. In this highly digital age, it can be even harder to keep up with such ever changing customer needs and wants. The marketing world needs to constantly change, evolve and adapt to keep up with customer preferences.

One of the most exciting parts about working in this industry is the constant new techs and new trends to keep up with, never allowing this job to become monotonous. However, it can be easy for certain opportunities to slip away from your hands. It can also be quite difficult at times to predict the future market trends which will manifest in the market in the near future.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 You Should be Aware

However, to keep you on your toes, yet ready to take on the new market of 2018, here are some of the top marketing trends of 2018 that you definitely need to know! :

1.      Big data:

Which big data has been a trend prevalent in the market for years now, this trend has mostly been confined to major players and big businesses only. However, currently, thanks to machine learning and AI, big data is going to be available to mid-sized and small-sized companies as well. As a company, it would be very hard for you to stay at the top of the competition if you don’t take advantage of the big data of customer points which are now easily available in the market

2.      Non-visual experience:

An unexpected turn took in 2017 when smart speakers blew up as a hot market trend. It is predicted that by the year 2022 smart speakers should be a common sight in 55% of US households. As people are getting more and more familiar with these interfaces, using them for daily activities and routines, the trend of smart speakers are rising steadily. Consumers are starting to get used to non-visual interfaces which work via voice commands only, and this should greatly affect marketers and their relationships with their customers.

3.      App capitalization:

In this modern era, we have an app at our fingertips for every need and want. However, some of the most common apps still are apps like maps, review apps and transportation apps. These apps are a strong real estate in which new companies can grow and gain profits. In 2018, more companies would start opting for app capitalization, as well as exposing themselves on popular apps to gain more

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8 Powerful #SEO Strategies To Shoot Your Local #Rankings Up

improvement-974061_960_720Businesses run on leads, customer traffic and revenue. Talking particularly about driving new leads, they are possible through search engines. Local customers rely on Google to look for services in their specific area. For this very strong reason, it is crucial to make the listing pop up as it enables customers to call and visit the business.

Ranking a local business website shares same techniques with ranking a website nationally but results appear faster in the local. Local and profitable keywords push many local businesses close to ranking high in Google. The only thing that’s needed to get an extra boost is high quality Backlinks.

Let’s get honest and confess that finding high quality Backlinks not just takes time but serious efforts too. Good news is that all the hard work and ample time invested payoff in an excellent way. Be it anything, quality excels over quantity; hence, strive to earn good links rather than getting low quality link. One good link is way powerful than several low quality links. Setting yourself apart from the competition depends on the thumb rule, ‘the easy a link is earned, the useless it is.’

Enough of high quality links but how does they look like? Let’s unfold the answer below.

The Look & Feel of High Quality Link

Link building for local business depends on a few factors. The more factors you get from a single link, the better results you can expect.

  1. Links from a site in the local target area
  2. Links relevant to the business industry
  3. Links that drive beneficial traffic to the website
  4. Links that build brand’s image and identity

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5 #SEO & #SMM Efforts to Boost #Google Page Rank


It is a false belief among most marketers that SEO and social media platform are two different aspects of marketing. In recent years, people have understood the interconnection between the two aspects that can increase company’s social presence and followers. The combination of social media platform and SEO boosts authority of online presence that improves search engine ranking on Google.

Nowadays, several successful companies spend time to work on both social media platform and SEO. Neglecting any of these two can lead you to the loss of potential customers and followers. Here, is a list of ways you can influence your marketing efforts positively with combined effort on SEO and social media platform.


Good Content to Stop People from Scrolling:

The most important thing you can do on your website is writing high quality content for SEO benefit. Your content section should have something interesting that will grab attention of the readers. For example, use of info-graphics and images increases users’ interest to read on and understand the descriptive part of the content. You can give your post a catchy title and encourage people to click on your post. Optimize your post content with relevant keywords and prepare it in a way that addresses queries of your target audience. SEO services in Portland work on such strategies and you may hire one of them in case you wish to outsource skill and expertise.


Link from Content to Social Media Platforms:

Popular social media sites always have higher authority that happens due to the amount of engagement they receive. Google regards pasting your website links on those popular social profiles as higher quality links. Creating a profile page and adding links to your website can capitalize site’s authority.


7 Easy Steps to Get #Backlinking from #Wikipedia


On the off chance that you are running or keeping up a site, then you should know about the estimation of Backlinks. Backlinks are considered as votes regarding SEO. On the off chance that you need your website/page on the top rank of Google, then the quality and the expert of that webpage/page must be high, and you can do as such by getting the backlinks from top locales on the web which have a high specialist.

Wikipedia is one of those brilliant destinations. Everybody needs to get the backlinks of their locales from this site. It is one of the most seasoned and greatest destinations on the web, and as indicated by an apparatus, it gets around 7 Billion impressions for each month. Along these lines, getting a connection from this sort of site is advantageous.

Be that as it may, hang tight, do you realize that Wikipedia gives a no-take after connection that won’t pass any connection juice to your site and if that is the situation then is it helpful to get a no-take after connection from this site?

Obviously! It will be helpful for you and your site. Don’t know why and how? At that point let us let you know.

Wikipedia positions for practically every watchword in Top 10 consequences of Google. So the majority of the general population visit this site, and if on that greeting page, there is your connection then you may get the focused on activity to your site. Aside from this, you may likewise get characteristic backlinks since the greater part of the distributers utilize Wikipedia as the wellspring of data and if there is your connection to the page from where the distributer is getting the data, then possibilities are high that you may get the normal backlink from that site.

Presently, how about we perceive how you can get the backlinks from Wikipedia.

Take after the Steps offered beneath to get Backlinks:

Step 1:

Search for the softened or dead connections up Wikipedia. For this, there are two choices: First, you can utilize the propelled look inquiry and second you can utilize a device. In the event that you run with the primary choice then inquiry the accompanying on Google: “Your Keyword Phrase” “dead connection”  Or, on the other hand “Your Keyword Phrase” “Reference Needed”

You can utilize any catchphrase as your watchword expression. Like if your site is identified with United States news then you can utilize this as watchword expression and if identified with post office then additionally do likewise. Presently select your outcome.

In the event that you run with the second alternative, then you can utilize the WikiGrabber instrument to locate the dead connections or articles that need the reference. Presently roll out improvements as per your necessities. You can look for dead connections by squeezing Ctrl + F in your program. Every single dead connection will be highlighted by this.

Let’s Discover Complete 7 Easy Steps to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Best 6 #Tools for Successful #Content Marketers

Content marketing is the best way to build and increase the awareness about a brand and establish a direct interaction with the customers and potential customers. Using content marketing techniques, one can tell the audience a unique story of the brand and create anticipation before the launch. Anyway, it is a must for modern marketers because no brand can be successful without it. Naturally, content marketing requires a lot of hard work. There are many tasks involved in getting the marketing message to the customers and ensuring them in making the decision to buy.

To automate the processes and speed up the marketing effort, content marketers use a lot of tools. Clearly, without them, this task would be too much to complete by an individual or a small team, so thank goodness for them.

If you are looking for some tools to join your arsenal, we prepared a list of the best ones. Take a look.

1. Buzzsumo

Publishers like National Geographic and Tribune Media use this incredible tool that shows how well certain web pages and keywords perform on social media. A content marketer can determine the trending keywords, web pages, and topics.

As the result, the effectiveness of marketing campaign, most active social media platforms, and top influencers can be determined.


  • Search for popular keywords
  • Search by URL or domain
  • Social media shares statistics
  • Information about sharers
  • Content analysis report
  • Excel export
  • Content alert

2. Trendspottr

Staying updated and relevant is important for marketing because social media conversations generate new trends every day. To stay ahead in terms of content, marketers use this tool. Trendspottr provides them with the information about rising trends, influencers, popular topics, and hot hashtags used in social media.

It becomes possible to discover and share the right content at the right time with the right audience, which is priceless in content marketing.


  • Market Research and Report
  • Influencer targeting
  • Brand crisis management
  • Sentiment measurements for emerging trends

7 #Quality #BloggingTips with #Marketing #Benefits



So, you want to ‘start a blog’. Well, you’ve come at the right place.

A blog is a timely updated online diary or a personal journal. It’s a place to share your thoughts and express yourself to the world. Blogs are rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate information online. Blogging is probably one of the most valued marketing tool. There is no easier and effective way to combine content marketing social media and SEO than blogging. Companies use blogging as a medium to educate and build customer trust, brand persona, & generate leads. It is estimated that companies that blog get 97% more inbound links to their website.

In this blog, I have compiled the blogging tips & marketing benefits of a successful business blog. So without further ado, let us proceed with the marketing benefits of the business blogs.

1) Blogs helps drive traffic to your websiteEvery time you write a blog post, you add another indexed page on your website. The indexed page further offers an opportunity to show up in the search engines and drive organic searches to your website.

2) Blogs helps convert that traffic into leadsEach post offers the possibility to promote new leads. The catch is to provide a lead generating CTA (Call-To-Action) separately for every blog post.

 3) Blogs helps in demographic targeting. A blog can assist companies to execute outreach & demographic targeting.

4) Blogs drives enduring results. Blog posts are “compounding”. The effort you put in today can turn into thousands of views and leads in the future. You just require little fine tuning and consistent content updates.

5) Blogs help establish authority. With consistently in creating the content for your target customer, you can establish yourself as an authority in their eyes.

6) Blogs support Search Engine Optimization. Blogs are search-friendly. You can amplify it by focusing each blog post or article with high ranking keywords and backlinks.

7) At its core Blogs incorporate a smooth-running, low cost and easy to use Content Management System(CMS).

8) Blogging helps you get discovered through Social Media. Via comments, social sharing, & guest posting, blogs offer the much needed framework to build social community.

Now Let’s Look at the Things you’ll want to consider as a 7 Quality Blogging Tips With Marketing Benefits

10 Best Web #Content Writing Rules for #Blogger


 Effective web content has many rules to follow and new bloggers and content writers always make a huge number of mistakes. However, they might avoid those mistakes if they listen to our advice. We have analyzed what features good web content should have and now we are ready to share this information with you! If you are interested in making your content better, get acquainted with this info!

Why content writing is different

Writing a novel, writing a blog post, and writing an essay are different tasks. Of course, there are some common things, for example, the process, but the approach to it is absolutely different. Writing a novel, you do not actually think about your readers, you write what you think is right. You develop characters and plot and you expect that your readers will love them. When you write an essay, you always think about your grades first, that’s why you do everything possible to satisfy the desires of a commission board or a teacher who will read your essay. When you write a blog post, you have a different approach. You need to write for your audience but at the same time, you need to stick to your niche and write things that are interesting for you.

Web content writing also has other aspects that you need to keep in mind in order to write an effective post.

1. Remember about SEO

Someone tells that SEO is dead, but in reality, SEO remains one of the most important things that allow you to stay atop Google search positions. That’s why you need to work on your SEO. If we are talking about content, you should always remember about keywords that should be included in your post. These keywords will help you get more organic traffic which is actually the best way to attract the attention of the readers.

2. Do not overuse the keywords

SEO is good, but if you make your post unreadable with a huge number of keywords, you just lose your readers and your Google ranking. It will be enough to include keywords in the title, description, header of your post, and to add them a couple of times to the text itself. Also, make sure that you use the keywords naturally in the text.

3. Keep attention of your readers

Your readers should be interested in what you write. That’s why you should always write texts that attract the attention of the readers. First, you need to write interesting content and insert links to other posts on your blog so the readers start to surf your website and read more.

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